The Firm

Themis is designed, equipped and dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of legal counsel and advocacy. We pursue claims for victims of fraud, provide vigorous defenses for those under investigation or accused of crimes, and manage disputes in which our clients are embroiled. Whether it’s a global corporation or a small business, a whistleblower or a physician, a government contractor or investor of securities, we address and solve clients’ legal problems efficiently and economically.



As advocates, we use every means provided by law to achieve our clients’ legal objectives, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. We analyze issues surrounding each case and craft a legal strategy tailored to the best possible resolution.



Themis has represented plaintiffs and defendants in hundreds of cases in state, federal, administrative and appellate courts, and international tribunals, often dealing with government agencies, whether foreign or domestic. Our attorneys bring decades of experience in civil litigation and criminal law serving national and international clients with a special focus in these areas:


White Collar Criminal Defense
Finance and Commercial
Government Contracting
Securities Litigation


Themis has established strategic alliances with law firms, consultants and support organizations worldwide that maximize our results. Clients take comfort knowing that their matters are handled with big firm proficiency at small firm efficiency.