Michael Cone is an Associate Attorney at Themis. He handles a full range of responsibilities at the Firm with a focus on litigation. Mr. Cone manages the dockets for cases large and small and is responsible for each step of the litigation process, whether structuring claims for relief for a victim of complex securities fraud, or researching and drafting motions to challenge a filing, or developing the theory to probe for proper discovery from an adversary. Like all Themis attorneys, Mr. Cone seeks solutions that best suit the needs of the client.



Michael Cone’s litigation experience includes a broad range of matters from commercial disputes to contract issues to whistleblower claims, but he has developed an early expertise on nuances within complex securities litigation. Mr. Cone helps clients tackle aged problems within the securities industry with innovative problem solving. He paces the latest developments of both financial policy and current litigation to help craft the best solution possible for Themis clients.



Prior to joining Themis, Mr. Cone served as a law clerk for the San Diego Superior Court in the Civil Business Department and for an estate-planning firm in San Diego, California. He obtained his J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2012, where he was president of the National Lawyers Guild and Co-Chair to the Environmental Law Society. Mr. Cone graduated with a concentration in business and corporate law, but focused his attention on securities law relating to collateralized debt obligations, structured investment vehicles, real estate mortgage investment conduits, residential mortgage backed securities and currency, interest rate and total return swaps.



Michael Cone is licensed to practice law in California and the District of Columbia.



Michael Cone



Admitted in: CA, DC

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