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Themis attorneys have vast experience in the complexities of securities litigation and bring decades of experience to filing claims in state and federal courts throughout the country. As a solutions-centered law firm, we formulate strategies that best fit the client’s legal objectives and pursue the right result, whether through negotiated settlement or by jury verdict.



Themis represents institutional investors worldwide that have suffered losses from deceptively marketed securities by Wall Street and international financial institutions. We seek justice on their behalf through vigorous litigation or by negotiated resolution, providing them with recourse to right the wrongs committed against them.



Themis has obtained substantial recoveries for clients victimized by the packages of securities sold by Countrywide, and has succeeded in recovering substantial sums on the losses suffered by municipalities, international banks and investment funds worldwide that purchased securities such as residential mortgage backed securities fraught with misrepresentations of the basic protections on which the investors relied.



Regulators rarely provide protections to institutional investors, and regulators are even less often compelled or able to recoup the losses suffered by institutional investors for distribution back to the investors. That is when Themis steps in to press claims in the courts and arbitration tribunals to seek the justice that the spurned investors deserve.