The government estimates that taxpayer losses due to healthcare fraud and abuse range up to $100 billion annually, but a substantial majority of the total results from disputed interpretations of billing codes, mistakes, or improper administrative procedures rather than from willful criminal activity. Themis represents hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dentists, and other healthcare providers caught up in investigations and prosecutions related to healthcare fraud and related allegations.



Our attorneys fight on behalf of healthcare providers battling with government investigators or payors to ensure that every provider is properly represented. For those targeted by the government through investigation, subpoena, search warrant, law enforcement raid, criminal complaint, or grand jury indictment, we devise legal strategies to protect liberty, licensing, financial well-being and professional reputation. For those targeted by attempted claw-backs of previous claims payments, we design aggressive civil and administrative defenses. Whatever the situation, we shepherd clients through what can be a long series of complicated procedures seeking favorable resolutions, and pursue redress through trial and appeal when necessary.



Results of our independent investigations often demonstrate to state and federal authorities that perceived questionable provider billing practices are nothing more than faulty administrative procedures with no criminal intent involved. To help clients avoid such pitfalls, Themis counsels clients on preemptive processes to stay in compliance with complex laws and ever-expanding regulations governing healthcare billing, record keeping and reporting requirements. But when the government is already knocking at the client’s door, Themis is there to answer.



Themis attorneys have spent many years prosecuting and defending a range of complex criminal and civil healthcare matters. Their experienced counsel assures insightful negotiations with government investigators and a resolute defense against alleged wrongdoing.