As a Washington, DC, law firm, Themis has extensive experience pursuing the right resolutions for clients caught up in, or on the inside of, commercial disputes over government contracts at federal, state or local levels. These can include investigations over alleged wrongdoing, breaches of contract, or whistleblower claims of government fraud. We bring claims or defend contractors to get the right result.



For those targeted by the government, we begin with a thorough analysis of the unique circumstances surrounding each situation. We conduct internal investigations that often reveal that alleged contractor wrongdoing was nothing more administrative mistakes, misinterpretation of financial documents, or even computer glitches. When necessary, we mount a determined defense against government accusations.



At the first hint of an investigation government contractors should call an attorney. Delays can result in complications that lead to a bad ending – severe fines, loss of reputation and business, debarment, and possible imprisonment. Themis helps contractors avoid these problems, counseling them on preemptive practices and procedures to stay in compliance with laws and regulations governing contractor conduct.